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a) If you don't eat breakfast… start. You must “break the fast” from the 13811-71-7 night before and get your body's engine moving. Skipping breakfast creates an unhealthy cascade of 20989-17-7 chemical reactions in your body which can adversely affect brain function, sleep, digestion, heart health  mood (stress/depression), blood sugar and chronic pain just to name a few. Breakfast sets the tone for your day. Studies show that if you eat a healthy protein-based breakfast you will choose 80 10034-99-8 percent fewer calories during your day.b) Avoid any artificial sweeteners. This includes 21462-39-5 Nutrasweet, Splenda, and sucralose. They are toxic to your nervous system. Stevia is the only acceptable natural sweetener. People who ingest artificial sweeteners are on average 7 pounds heavier than the rest of the 15663-27-1 population.

c) Eat every 2-3 hours and eat fresh. Stop eating foods from a box. Become a squirrel. That means travel with healthy snacks everywhere you go. Good snacks are almonds/walnuts, apples or any type of veggie. Most “nutrition” bars on the market are very high in sugar and when they claim to have high protein and low carbs they probably have artificial sweeteners.d) Drink one-half of your body weight in ounces/day. Add more if you exercise. Add the juice of 1 organic lemon/day to your water.e) Stop drinking soda, diet or otherwise.


Be nice to yourself. Positive self talk is the key to gaining a better state of mind. How many times have you called yourself a name today? Catch yourself next time you drop a pencil and you call yourself “stupid” or “clumsy.” I guarantee if I called you names, you wouldn't like it very much. So, why is it okay to call yourself names? Change how you talk to yourself and you will change how you feel about yourself.


Most people go days or even weeks without taking a deep breath. Deep breathing relaxes the body and mind, improves healing and even sleep. Deep breathing alone has been shown to decrease stress and help with weight loss. A simple deep breathing exercise: sit or lie down and close your eyes. Imagine a little bubble of oxygen on the tip of your nose. On a count of four, inhale forcefully and imagine pulling the bubble from the tip of your nose all the way down to your naval. Hold for a count of four. Exhale through your nose on a count of four pushing your imaginary bubble back out to the tip of your nose. Start with five of these and work up to 10. You may feel a little light-headed at first so take your time and build up your stamina.


We know the benefits of exercise, but exercise without flexibility training puts you at greater risk for musculoskeletal injuries. Practicing yoga provides strengthening, flexibility, balance, coordination and deep breathing. There are many forms of yoga, so choose a class that fits your needs. Yoga is an all encompassing practice that anyone can do at any age.


Create a positive world around you. Watching and listening to the 14432-12-3 news and crime shows promotes feelings of fear, negativity and depression. If there is something important you need to know, I guarantee someone will tell you. Instead, watch a good comedy. Read a book. Write a book. Be kind. Be nice. Smile. Involve yourself in random acts of kindness. Help others. All these things promote good endorphins which improves immune function and an 133627-45-9 overall state of well being for you and others in your life.Create your happy world the way you want. If we each create our own happy world, we can make the global world a better lookchem place.


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